Woman Says E! Imprisoned Her and Lied|To Humiliate Her for a ‘Reality’ Show

LOS ANGELES (CN) – A musician says E! Entertainment conspired to humiliate and imprison her during a supposed audition for a reality show about a female pop band. She says she was subjected to hours of harassment, embarrassment, intrusion and insults as part E!’s calculated plan for a “Candid Camera”-type TV show called “Reality Hell.”

     In her Superior Court complaint, Malena Brush says E! asked her to audition for a “new girl group show,” in which contestants would vie for a spot in the band. She says E! told her that winners would be paid $1,500 a week the show would follow the group as they made a music video and went on tour.
     Brush says she attended three auditions and each time E! made her sign contracts for the fake show, but never mentioned “Reality Hell.”
     Brush says the third audition was taped at her house. She says E! told her it wanted an “in-home, behind-the-scenes backstory,” and told her to do humiliating things for the camera.
     The next day, E! sent a limousine to take her to studio to sing tracks for the show, and that’s when the worst nightmare began, Brush says.
     After confiscating her cell phone, the entire cast and crew, all of whom were paid actors, used the next eight hours to “harass, embarrass, heckle, insult and offend” her, the complaint states.
     At the end of the night, Brush says she figured out what was going on. She says she tried to leave, but was trapped at the studio with no transportation and no phone. She says E! employees kept filming and demanded that she make certain “statements” for the cameras before she could leave.
     She says the whole ordeal was taped for an episode of “Reality Hell.”
     Brush wants E! enjoined from airing footage of her, and punitive damages for fraud, conspiracy, false imprisonment, intrusion, deceptive trade, misappropriation of her image, public disclosure of private facts and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     Defendants include E! Entertainment International Holdings, E! Entertainment Television, Sam Rhima, Sam Rhima Casting, Chris Fenton and Peter Cohen.
     She is represented by Nicole Lari-Joni.

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