Woman Claims Parole Officer Raped Her

     BOSTON (CN) – A parole officer drugged and raped a woman he worked with, in an attack “facilitated and covered up by a supervisor who was the assailant’s friend,” the woman, also a parole officer, claims in Federal Court.

     The woman claims parole officer Tony Sullivan drugged her into unconsciousness and she awoke to find him “raping her orally and digitally while she was unable to speak or physically stop him.” She says Sullivan weighed more than 280 lbs. and she weighed 130.
     She claims that when she awoke again, Sullivan was gone, and her boss, Brian Faherty, was standing over her. “He asked her if she had had an orgasm and commented that she was menstruating, the complaint states.
     The woman says she missed more than a year of work due to complications from the attack. She demands punitive damages from the Massachusetts Parole Board. She is represented by Jody Newman with Dwyer & Collora.

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