Winery Says Onion Processor Is Ruining It

     MONTEREY, Calif. (CN) – Winemaker J. Lohr says the grapes in its vineyard have been producing “onion juice” since a neighbor started processing dehydrated onions, in violation of a county permit. Lohr wants Sensient Dehydrated Flavors restrained from “destroying its neighbor’s property,” and damages.

     Lohr claims Sensient knew before it started processing onions in October that it would spew chemicals into the air that would taint its neighbor’s grapes.
     Lohr says the wine pressed from its grapes since then is useless because it smells like “onion juice.” It says Sensient’s city permit allows it to process only celery, peppers and parsley.
     Lohr seeks damages for nuisance, trespass, interference and negligence, and a restraining order and injunction. It is represented in Monterey County Court by Charles Warner.

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