Well, That Was Fun – Not

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Five women say their host on a Starline Tours of Hollywood sexually pawed them while drunk or on drugs, called them “niggers” and “bitches,” urinated in a man’s front yard, lay down in the street with his shirt off, sexually attacked one woman while the other four yelled at him to stop, and assaulted them.

     The women demand punitive damages from Starline and their “host,” Brian Sapir, in Superior Court.
     They say the bizarre ride happened last week, and that Sapir terrorized them while driving them around in “a run-down, smoking Cadillac”. Since the tour was supposed to visit haunted homes in Hollywood, the women say, they thought the smoking wreck was part of the act, as was Sapir’s drunken and disoriented behavior. Eventually, after his repeated depredations, they say, they realized it was not an act.
     The women are represented by Samir Sheth of Newport Beach.

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