Well, That Business Deal Didn’t Work Out Too Well

     CINCINNATI (CN) – In a complaint that reads like a short Faulkner novel, FT Express claims that after receiving promises that Betty Jane Conley and five other Conleys – James, Maria, John, Billy and Stephen – had “great experience in the interstate trucking industry,” FT leased them 10 tractor-trailers, a work trailer, computers and office supplies, and the Conleys proceeded to steal a $100,000 advance for expenses, stole new tires from the trailers and replaced them with old rotten ones and took the work trailer and its contents.

     The also used the leased equipment for themselves and lied about it, did it all without proper business permits and then defamed FT Express by claiming it was stealing from them instead of the other way round, And, says the complaint, they still have not returned four tractors and nine trailers. See the federal complaint.

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