Washington State Bans Bump Stocks in Wake of Las Vegas Shooting

(CN) – Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill Tuesday that bans bump stocks from being sold, manufactured and owned in the state, following several other states that have done the same.

The ban on the accessory, which allows semi-automatic rifles to fire more quickly, follows other states who have banned them following in the wake of last October’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, the worst in U.S. history.

Senate Bill 5992 bans the use, possession, manufacture and sale of bump stocks, as well as increases sentencing for people who use them to commit a felony.

“Devices that turn legal guns into weapons of war have no place in the hands of civilians in Washington state, and sensible gun regulations, including banning these devices, can help reduce violence in our communities,” Inslee said in a public statement shortly after the Las Vegas shooting. “I applaud the Legislature for passing this bill, and I encourage lawmakers to continue to work to fight the scourge of gun violence.”

At least a dozen other states are considering banning bump stocks after Stephen Paddock used them to fire on a crowded outdoor concert, killing 58 people and injuring about 500 more.

“We cannot sit idly by and take no action,” Inslee said Tuesday. “We as leaders and lawmakers have to be judged by our actions and we need actions right now on this scourge.”

Under Washington state’s new law, the state patrol will start up a buyback program, allowing bump stock owners to turn in the device for $150. The accessory usually costs between $90 to $200, but prices have soared to as much as $1,000 since President Donald Trump called for a ban on the device in February.

Part of the bill banning the sale and manufacture of the device goes into effect July 1 of this year. Owners will have until July 1, 2019 to either turn in, sell or destroy their bump stocks.


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