Waitress Says She Got 88 Cents An Hour

     VISTA, CALIF. (CN) – A waitress at a Chinese restaurant in Oceanside says her bosses paid her 88 cents an hour for the past year – $10 a day. She says China Star Super Buffet owes her $20,000 in wages and overtime.

     Silvoni Tantry says she worked more than 1,265 hours at China Star Super Buffet for which her bosses paid her a flat rate of $10 per day. Tatri says she was paid $1,110 for the year, or 88 cents per hour.
     California’s minimum wage increased from $7.50 to $8.00 while Tantry worked at China Star. She says the restaurant owes her at least $8,562 in regular wages and $10,485 in overtime. She also wants interest, penalties, attorney fees and costs.
     China Star refused to let Tantry take meal or rest breaks, illegally kept some of her tips and failed to keep accurate records of the hours she worked, the complaint states.
     Tantry is represented in Superior Court by Cathe Caraway-Howard of Los Angeles.

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