Veteran Claims VA Hospital Humiliated Him

     HOUSTON (CN) – Two employees of a veterans’ hospital in Houston pepper sprayed a disabled veteran during a dispute over a parking space, yanked him from his vehicle, threw him to the ground, handcuffed him and locked him up, the veteran claims in Federal Court.

     Jimmy Claude Williams, who has difficulty walking and requires a wheelchair, claims the incident erupted when Kevin McNair and Michael Shea, employees of the Veterans Administration Hospital in Houston, refused to listen to Williams when he said he had permission to park in a certain area.
     They allegedly pulled Williams from his car and threw him to the ground. “When he could not get up, they cursed and kicked him,” the lawsuit claims. “Then they dragged the old veteran … who was injured by their assault … into the V.A. Hospital in front of witnesses like a common criminal, put him in a hold-over cell and locked him up.”
     Williams demands $800,000 for the alleged violations of his constitutional rights.
     He is represented by John Powell.

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