Vegetable Recall Expands |Over Listeria Concerns

     SEATTLE (AP) — CRF Frozen Foods, of Pasco, Washington, has expanded its recall of frozen vegetables linked to a listeria outbreak that sickened eight people, the Centers for Disease Control said.
     One person from Maryland and one from Washington have died but health officials do not consider listeria to be the cause of death for either person.
     Centers for Disease Control said in a posting on its website that the recall began in April and was expanded this week to include all organic and traditional frozen vegetable and fruit products processed in the company’s Washington state facility since May 1, 2014.
     In all, the recall pertains to 358 products sold under 42 separate brand names.
     The CDC says the listeria outbreak that started in September 2013 has sickened people in Washington, Maryland and California.
     Two illnesses were reported in 2016 and six were reported between 2013 and 2015. All eight people were hospitalized.
     The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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