Vegan Parents Sue Prosecutors

     BROOKLYN (CN) – Two vegan parents who served time in prison after their year-old daughter – also vegan – was hospitalized with malnutrition and rickets claim they were deprived of their constitutional rights and the company of their child by an unfair trial. Silva and Joseph Swinton demand millions of dollars from the City of New York and the Queens County District Attorney’s Office.

     The Swintons’ year-old daughter, Ice, was born in July 2000. After an anonymous call in November 2001, Ice was diagnosed as 10 lbs. underweight, suffering from rickets due to calcium and vitamin D deficiencies, and “having a distended stomach and suffering from malnutrition,” the complaint states.
     In April 2002, the Swintons say, the state removed their daughter from their home and arrested the parents. They were charged, and convicted, of assault, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. Silva was sentenced to six years in state prison and Joseph to five years. Before going to prison, Silva gave birth to a son, Ini.
     The arrest and trial, apparently, generated a lot of press coverage. The Swintons say the whole process was unfair, from the arrest and grand jury proceeding onward. They want $120 million and their kids back. They are represented in Federal Court by Robert Rambadabt.

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