Ukrainian Helper of Nazis Loses U.S. Citizenship

     ANN ARBOR (CN) – The 6th circuit upheld the revocation of John Kalymon’s U.S. citizenship, finding that he lied about his persecution of Jews when he entered the United States from Germany after World War II.

     The circuit found that Kalymon lied about his membership in the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police, which persecuted Jews in his hometown of L’viv. The circuit found, among other things, that Kalymon fired his gun, killing at least one Jew and wounding in another, in “delivering” 2,128 Jews to an SS-run forced-labor camp in August 1942. It also found that he fired his gun in roundups of 525 Jews, in which 14 were shot to death; and in a roundup of 805 Jews, and that his group participated “in the liquidation of the Jewish ghetto.”

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