UAE Warns Its Own After Ohio Profiling Gaffe

     DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The United Arab Emirates has warned its citizens to avoid wearing traditional garments when traveling abroad after an Emirati man was handcuffed in Ohio over terrorism fears.
     The Ministry of Foreign Affairs poted to its Twitter account late Saturday that Emiratis should avoid wearing the garments for their safety. A separate ministry statement urges women to abide by bans on face veils in parts of Europe.
     Local media reported Sunday that U.S. officials detained Emirati national Ahmed al-Menhali at gunpoint last week while al-Menhali was wearing a traditional white kandura, or ankle-length robe, and headscarf in Avon, Ohio. A hotel clerk reportedly raised suspicions the man could have links to the Islamic State group.
     Cleveland’s WEWS-TV posted police camera video footage of al-Menhali’s arrest and a later meeting where Avon officials offered their apologies.

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