U.S. Marshal Faces Abuse Allegations

     CHICAGO (CN) – A now-indicted U.S. Marshal illegally entered a man’s home, drove him away in an unmarked van, then choked him and threatened to kill his family, the man claims in Federal Court.
     Santiago Solis sued the United States, Deputy Marshal Stephen Linder and Unknown Federal Agents. Solis claims that Linder was indicted for using unreasonable force against him.
     The federal indictment accuses Linder of striking and choking “S.S.” while S.S. was handcuffed. Both the indictment and Solis’ lawsuit say the incident happened in Cicero on July 8, 2010.
     According to the indictment, “Stephen Linder knowingly attempted to corruptly persuade H.S. [sic] to withhold evidence of the defendant’s unlawful assault against S.S. from federal authorities with the intent to hinder, delay and prevent the communication of truthful information to a federal law enforcement officer and judge relating to the commission and possible commission of a federal offense”.
     In his complaint, Solis says: “On or about July 8, 2010, the plaintiff was peacefully enjoying his home located in the Town of Cicero, Illinois. On said date, Deputy Marshal Stephen Linder and other unknown federal agents unlawfully entered the plaintiff’s home, unlawfully seized the plaintiff, his property and otherwise injured the plaintiff.
     “The defendants Linder and unknown federal agents handcuffed and removed the plaintiff from his home, forced him into an unmarked van and transported him to a nearby location where the plaintiff was forced to sit handcuffed in the back of the unmarked van. While the plaintiff was unlawfully detained and handcuffed, the defendants, while acting under color of law, struck and choked the plaintiff, resulting in bodily injury to the plaintiff. The defendants also threatened to kill and/or further harm the plaintiff and his family.”
     Solis’ attorney, Steven Fine, told Courthouse News that it is unclear why the Marshals targeted Solis.
     “We suspect they were looking for Mr. Solis’ son,” Fine said, “but Mr. Solis’ son does not live with him.”
     Fine said the agents “did not have a warrant, and did not charge Mr. Solis with any crime.”
     The indictment also accuses Linder of attempting to withhold evidence that he “headbutted E.U., while E.U. was handcuffed,” in May 2008.
     Solis seeks damages for excessive force, failure to intervene, illegal search and seizure, false arrest, assault, battery and conspiracy.

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