U.S. Economy

     (CN) – The U.S. trade deficit climbed in May as a jump in imports of Chinese-made electronics pushed the trade imbalance with the world’s most populous country to its highest level in six months.
     The Commerce Department said Wednesday that the trade deficit rose to $41.1 billion in May, compared to $37.4 billion in April.
     The trade deficit is the difference between the value of goods and services the United States imports from other countries and the smaller value of U.S. exports. On reason for the rise is that the dollar has been strong in recent months, and a strong dollar makes American-made products more expensive to consumers in other lands.
     According to the government, the U.S. trade deficit with China rose 19.4 percent to $29 billion, the largest imbalance since last year’s holiday buying season.
     The deficit with the European Union rose 12.6 percent to $13.4 billion in May.

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