U. S. Census Releases Report on Fertility

     WASHINGTON – The U.S. birth rate for women receiving public assistance in 2006 was nearly three times the rate of those not receiving it, the Census Bureau said in a new report on “Fertility of American Women.” The report also found that 57 percent of new mothers were in the work force.

     Here are other results of the survey.
     Thirty six percent of the 4.2 million women who had given birth in the previous 12 months were separated, widowed, divorced or unmarried. Of the 1.5 million unmarried mothers, 190,000 were living with their partner.
     Second-generation Hispanic women have lower fertility rates that foreign-born Latinas or third-generation Latinas.
     The Census Bureau reported, in a summary, that “the highest levels of current fertility (67 births in the year prior to the survey per 1,000 women) were among those with a graduate of professional degree.”
     This statistic compares with the finding that women on public assistance had a birth rate of 155 per 1,000, compared to 53 births per 1,000 for women not on public assistance.

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