Tyson Foods Sued Over “Drug-Free” Chickens

     LITTLE ROCK (CN) – In a “calculated and cynical fraudulent scheme,” Tyson Foods cheats consumers by falsely claiming that its chickens are raised without antibiotics, and charging more for them, “knowing full well that all of its products were in fact raised with antibiotics,” a class action claims in Federal Court.

     The named plaintiffs, from five large states, claim that Tyson advertises and sells chicken “that it represents to be ‘Raised Without Antibiotics’.” But plaintiffs say the chicken behemoth “in fact uses a type of antibiotic known as ‘ionophores’ in raising its chickens,” and that “it is undisputed that ionophores are antibiotics.”
     Represented by Chargois & Herron, plaintiffs demand punitive damages, disgorgement of unjust profits, and costs.

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