Trump Rape Accuser to Refile Suit in New York

     MANHATTAN (CN) – A lawsuit filed by an anonymous plaintiff accusing Donald Trump of raping a teenager in the 1990’s and threatening to kill her family, will be re-filed with an additional witness on board, the woman’s attorney revealed Thursday.
     Thomas Meagher, attorney for the Jane Doe plaintiff said they plan to re-file the complaint, accompanied by a new witness afidavit, as soon as the end of next week.
     The original lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed on September 16th.
     The June 20, 2016, complaint accused the Republican presidential nominee and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein of rape, sexual misconduct, criminal sexual acts, sexual abuse, forcible touching, assault, battery, intentional and reckless infliction of emotional distress, duress, false imprisonment, and defamation.
     It also included two declarations of support of the Jane Doe plaintiff’s request for protective order.
     The first declaration, signed by Jane Doe herself, detailed Trump’s alleged “savage sexual attack” on the then-13-year-old plaintiff.
     The plaintiff claims she was raped by Trump during a 1994 summer party thrown by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein at an Upper East Side mansion on East 71st St.
     The Jane Doe plaintiff claims Trump ignored her loud pleas to stop, struck her with an open hand and threatened to harm, if not kill her and her entire family if she ever revealed details of the assault.
     The second declaration was signed by pseudonymous Tiffany Doe, who said she was hired by Jeffrey Epstein throughout the 1990s to recruit adolescent women to attend the billionaire’s parties.
     Tiffany Doe claims she convinced the then-13-year-old plaintiff to attend the parties as a means to break in to New York’s professional modeling world.
     In her declaration, Tiffany Doe says she witnessed four sexual encounters in which Jane Doe was forced to have sex with Trump, and two encounters involving the plaintiff and Jeffrey Epstein.
     The Tiffany Doe declaration included Epstein’s threats against her and her family for disclosing the details of any sexual abuse of minors by Epstein and his party guests, swearing under penalty of perjury that she understands that her and her family’s lives are “now in grave danger.”
     The complaint asserts that because the litigation involves highly sensitive matters of very personal nature, identification of the anonymous plaintiff “would pose a risk of retaliatory physical harm to her and to others.”
     The plaintiff says after initially filing her complaint in California last spring, she received threatening phone calls. That lawsuit was later dismissed.
     Meagher’s law office is located in Princeton, New Jersey.
     Alan Garten, executive vice president and general counsel for the Trump Organization, told Courthouse News via email that Meagher’s allegations “are completely frivolous and appear to be politically motivated.”
     “Accordingly, we have warned Mr. Meagher that in the event he decides to refile his complaint we will seek to have him sanctioned,” Garten said.

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