Trump Picks Indiana’s Pence as Running Mate

     (AP) – Donald Trump postponed the formal announcement of his pick for his running mate following the terror attack in Nice, France, but on Friday morning his Twitter finger evidently got the better of him.
     To virtually no one’s surprise, he’s chosen Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, and sent out the word via his favorite medium a Tweet.
     Trump offered the vice presidential slot to Pence Thursday afternoon, and the governor had already flown to New York when Trump decided to put off the announcement in light of truck attack on Bastille Day revelers in France.
     Now that he’s Donald Trump’s running mate, Pence has withdrawn from the Indiana governor’s race.
     One of the governor’s aides filed the paperwork with the Indiana Secretary of State’s office a few minutes after Trump announced that Pence would join him on the Republican ticket.
     The first-term Republican governor was seeking re-election. But state law bars him from running for that office and also appearing on the ballot as a candidate for vice president.
     The deadline for Pence to exit the race was noon on Friday.
     Trump says he’ll now hold a news conference 11 a.m. Saturday morning at the New York Hilton Midtown.
     Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign says Donald Trump has “doubled down” on what the Clinton team calls his “disturbing beliefs” by choosing Pence as his running mate.
     Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta says Pence is “an incredibly divisive and unpopular figure.”
     Podesta says Pence is known for supporting what Podesta calls “discriminatory politics and failed economic policies that favor millionaires and corporations over working families.”
     Clinton’s campaign says Pence was an early advocate for the tea party in Congress — and as governor, pushed a law that discriminated against gays and lesbians and alienated businesses in Indiana.
     The Clinton team notes Pence led the fight to defund Planned Parenthood and restrict abortion rights and has opposed raising the federal minimum wage.

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