Trump May Seek to Limit Congressional Terms

     (CN) – GOP standard-bearer Donald Trump said Thursday that he’ll “take a very serious look” at congressional term limits if elected president in November.
     Trump broached the issue while taking questions from local law enforcement officers in North Carolina.
     After once officer questioned the merits of long-term incumbency for members of Congress, punctuating his comments by say it’s time to “get these bums out,” Trump nodded in apparent agreement and said this wasn’t the first time he’d heard such sentiments.
     “We’re going to take a very serious look” at term limits, he promised.
     This isn’t the first time Trump has embraced the idea of term limits since launching his campaign for the White House in July 2015.
     Campaigning in South Carolina last February, he told attendees at one of his rallies that what Washington needs “is a long term fix.”
     “That means forever getting rid of the entrenched political class who act like rulers, not public servants,” he said then.
     Returning to that theme, just a day after shaking up his campaign staff and vowing he won’t change who he is just to get elected, appeared to signal that the brief period when he courted establishment Republican support is now over.
     Instead, on Thursday, Trump seemed most content to court the support of law enforcement, telling the officers at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge in Iredell County, N.C. that he was on their side, “1,000 percent.”
     The candidate also made an impromptu stop at the lodge’s gun range, where he fired several rounds of am M4 carbine.
     “I gotta say, this man can shoot,” Iredell County Sheriff Darren Campbell, told the Associated Press after the session.
     Trump, a staunch gun rights supporter, is licensed to carry a hand gun in New York.
     It should also be noted that changing Congressional terms limits would require a Constitutional amendment.

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