Trial Starts in First Hepatitis Case in Nevada

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – The first trial stemming from the 2008 Southern Nevada hepatitis C outbreak began Monday. It’s the first of thousands of lawsuits to be tried after health officials announced that endoscopy centers were reusing single-use vials of anesthesia on patients.

     Attorney Robert Eglet represents Henry Chanin, who said he contracted hepatitis C from a contaminated vial of propofol. He says drug manufacturers encouraged clinicians to reuse the single-use vials.
     About 50,000 endoscopy patients were notified by the southern Nevada Health District in 2008, urging them to get tested for HIV and hepatitis C and B.
     Chanin, who was one of thousands to sue after the announcement, was the first to have his case heard by a jury. Part of his lawsuit already has been settled.
     The 12 jurors were seated Thursday.

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