Town Censors Political Signs, Man Claims

     HACKENSACK, N.J. (CN) – A man claims Ridgefield Police harassed him because he placed a political sign on his front lawn that did not support the incumbent candidates. Giovanni Calabrese that police cited him for “obstruction of a county roadway.”

     In his complaint against the Borough of Ridgefield in Bergen County Court, Calabrese claims that because his sign supported certain mayor and council candidates and was illuminated with a small light, the town sent police officers to his house to give him multiple citations, including “obstruction of a county roadway.”
     Calabrese claims that the “illumination” complaints were a “frivolous” attempt to “suppress political debate on issues of public concern.”
     He also sued Angelo Severino, a Ridgefield councilman, and Jimmy Kim, the town’s Code Enforcement Officialclaiming they aided and abetted the acts of the town. He is represented by S. Gregory Moscaritolo of Fairview, N.J.

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