Tom Selleck Pays|His Big Water Bill

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (CN) – A Southern California water district Wednesday accepted Tom Selleck’s offer of $21,700 to settle its lawsuit accusing him of taking truckloads of water for his 60-acre home and ranch.
     The Calleguas Municipal Water District sued Selleck on July 6 , claiming its investigator saw a tanker truck fill up from a public hydrant a dozen times and take the water to Selleck’s home.
     Terms of the settlement, which the board accepted in closed session, were not released. In its lawsuit, the district demanded $21,685, the cost of the water and the investigation.
     It was an extreme example of “drought shaming,” a new trend in California in which people “out” celebrities and the wealthy for using water on lawns during the state’s 16-year drought.
     Selleck apparently used the water on avocado trees.

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