Ticket Reseller Sues Sheeran Promoter in Germany for Fraud

BERLIN (AP) — International ticket reseller Viagogo says it’s suing superstar Ed Sheeran’s promoter for fraud on allegations the company confiscated genuine tickets from concert-goers and forced them to purchase new tickets.

Viagogo said its suit filed Tuesday in Germany alleges Stuart Galbraith and his company, Britain-based Kilimanjaro Live Ltd., defrauded fans out of several million pounds (dollars) on Sheeran’s recent 2017 tour.

It alleges the promoter set up fake Viagogo booths at venues “luring fans into declaring that they were Viagogo customers. The promoter then confiscated their authentic tickets and forced fans to buy new ones.”

Kilimanjaro didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Viagogo wouldn’t say why it chose Germany to file its initial suit, citing “legal reasons” but says it’s the start of litigation “being taken in multiple countries.”

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