Three-Way With Boss Fought as Harassment

     NEWARK, N.J. (CN) – A supervisor for the minor league New Jersey Jackals baseball team forced a worker into a lesbian relationship, forced her into threesomes with the boss’s boyfriend, then assaulted her when she said, enough, the woman claims in court.
     Anastasia Conroy sued the New Jersey Jackals, stadium operator Floyd Hall Enterprises, her former boss Michelle Guarino, and co-worker Mark Olden, in Essex County Court.
     The Jackals, who play in Yoga Berra Stadium in Little Falls, N.J., are members of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball, through its association with the Canadian-American Association of Professional Baseball. They are not affiliated with any Major League Baseball team.
     Conroy says she was hired to work at the team’s concession stand in spring 2009, and came to consider her boss, Guarino, someone “she could look up to – like an older sister.”
     “However, during the summer of 2010, defendant Guarino, who was approximately 42 years old at the time, took advantage of plaintiff s innocence and trust, and began to make sexual advances toward plaintiff,” Conroy says. She was 19 years old at the time.
     Conroy claims that Guarino’s sexual advances “came in the form of e-mails, text messaging and suggestive statements.” She adds: “As plaintiff’s supervisor, defendant Guarino gave plaintiff the impression that if plaintiff accepted the sexual advances, plaintiff’s employment with FH Enterprises would proceed without difficulty.”
     Conroy says that “After repeated, pressured, and unrelenting solicitation by defendant Guarino, plaintiff finally capitulated and entered into a sexual relationship with defendant Guarino, her supervisor, in the summer of 2010. This relationship continued throughout the remainder of plaintiff’s employment with FH Enterprises.”
     Then it got complicated, Conroy says: “During the course of the relationship, defendant Guarino introduced her boyfriend, defendant Mark Olden into the sexual relationship. Defendant Guarino suggested that defendant Olden be permitted to participate in the tryst; plaintiff refused. Defendant Guarino, however, again pressured plaintiff and essentially forced plaintiff into the three-way proposal.
     “Indeed, defendant Guarino was instrumental in not only establishing the depth of the improper, emotionally ruinous relationship, but she governed the manner and degree of sexual activity. For example, defendant Guarino established that once defendant Olden was introduced into the relationship, plaintiff’s sexual activity with defendant Olden was limited to being in Guarino’s presence. The rule was inflexible and Guarino enforced same.”
     Conroy claims that “during the trysts, and even prior to the sexual relationship, defendant Guarino had supplied alcohol and illicit substances to plaintiff. The alcohol and substances supplied altered Plaintiff’s mood, disposition and coherence, thus compromising plaintiff’s volitional movements and reasoning capabilities. Further, the alcohol supplied to plaintiff by defendant Guarino, during work hours, was largely supplied by Yogi Berra stadium.”
     Conroy claims the relationship with Guarino came to a head on Sept. 10, 2012, during the team’s end of the season party. She claims she “was again supplied with a large quantity of alcohol for consumption at Yogi Berra stadium. Plaintiff believes that the alcohol she received may have contained an illicit substance by defendant Guarino. After consuming said substances, defendant Guarino and plaintiff had another sexual encounter, after which the relationship unraveled.
     “After the encounter, plaintiff and defendant Guarino were riding in an elevator to return to the party. During this time, plaintiff and defendant Guarino had a discussion; defendant Guarino was displeased. Plaintiff had confronted Guarino about Guarino lacing plaintiff’s beverages with illicit substances; further, plaintiff had determined that the relationship should end. In return, Guarino became physically violent toward plaintiff, causing her severe and significant injuries.”(23)
     Conroy says that after the elevator confrontation, she fled and was involved in a motor vehicle accident while leaving. She says she filed a temporary restraining order against Guarino.
     The Jackals did not respond to a request for comment.
     Conroy seeks damages for hostile work environment, sexual harassment, negligence, assault and battery and constructive discharge.
     She is represented by Jared Drill with Foster & Mazzie of Totowa, N.J.

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