Three Indicted on Pipe-Bombing Charges

     SAN DIEGO (CN) – Two women and a man were charged with conspiring to bomb two federal buildings in San Diego with pipe bombs, which are considered weapons of mass destruction.

     Federal prosecutors claim Rachelle Lynette Carlock, Ella Louise Sanders and Eric Reginald Robinson bought or stole materials for the explosives – including Hodgdon’s Triple Se7en Powder, pipes and end caps – and built the bombs at a home in Menifee, Calif.
     After testing the bombs, Carlock and Sanders made two pipe bombs loaded with nails, according to the indictment, and tried to detonate them at the FedEx Distribution Center. One went off on April 25, 2008.
     Carlock built three more nail-filled pipe bombs, put them in a black backpack, and planted and detonated them at the Edward J. Schwartz Federal Courthouse on May 4, prosecutors claim. Robinson allegedly served as her getaway driver.
     All three are charged with knowingly using a weapon of mass destruction and conspiring to bomb two federal buildings.
     No injuries were reported, prosecutors said, but the bombs damaged some property.

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