This is Getting Complicated …

     CRESTVIEW, Fla. (CN) – A man busted on a marijuana charge responded by falsely claiming that the first judge assigned to his case owes him $2.5 million, the judge claims in court.
     The Hon. William F. Stone sued Rick David Scott and Okaloosa Circuit Court Clerk Don E. Howard, seeking an injunction.
     Scott was charged for with marijuana possession in August 2013, and his case was assigned to Judge Stone, who recused himself, for reasons not stated in the complaint.
     Stone claims that Scott then filed a 42-paragraph notice requesting Stone to deliver multiple documents within 72 hours.
     When Stone did not produce the documents, Scott filed a Notice of Distress of Bond against Stone, alleging 127 constitutional violations that entitled him to $2,540,000, the complaint states.
     Judge Stone claims the fraudulent filings give “the false appearance that Judge Stone entered into a loan agreement with Scott, resulting in a lien of $2,540,000 against Judge Stone.”
     The judge adds: “The Notice and Demand as well as the Notice of Distress of Bond of William F. Stone are false, fraudulent, and fictitious documents that have no basis in law or fact.”
     Stone claims Scott filed the notices merely to harass him for being a judge.
     Stone wants the defendant clerk of the court ordered to remove the fraudulent filings seal them.
     Judge Stone is represented by Assistant Attorney General Kirby Bissell.
     Okaloosa County is in the Florida Panhandle.

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