Theater to Pay $6.8M for Faxing Unsolicited Ads

     PHOENIX (CN) – A $6.8 million settlement has been reached to a 2000 class action alleging that United Artists Theatre Circuit and American Blast Fax sent unsolicited faxes for movie tickets to between 57,000 and 95,000 fax numbers in Phoenix.
     The lawsuit, filed in May 2000 in Maricopa County Court, claimed that the defendants’ faxes transmitted in September 1999 for the sale of United Artists movie tickets was conducted in the metropolitan-Phoenix area and violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
     Of the settlement amount, class representative Starkle Ventures was awarded $57,500 as an incentive payment, and class representative Hacienda Heating and Cooling was awarded $12,500. The two law firms representing the class were awarded $1.8 million in attorneys’ fees and $133,815 in preliminary costs.
     The class was represented by Edward Moomjian II of the Udall Law Firm in Tucson and Christopher LaVoy of Lavoy & Chernoff in Phoenix.

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