The Worst Job|Interview in History

     TAMPA (CN) – As a woman interviewed for a job in the atrium of an Embassy Suites hotel, a mop handle fell from 12 stories above and smashed her skull, she claims in court.
     Ashlee Mosher sued Embassy Suites Hotels, in Hillsborough County Court.
     Mosher claims the mop handle fell “12 to 14 stories” down the open atrium at the hotel in downtown Tampa at about 2 p.m. on July 12, 2012 as she interviewed for a job.
     “The handle hit her head with such force that the threaded connector portion of the mop handle that struck her skull shattered into several pieces,” Mosher says in the lawsuit. Her head “immediately began to bleed.”
     Mosher seeks damages for negligence, pain and suffering; her husband seeks damages for loss of consortium. They are represented by John Murrow.

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