The Worst Drivers in the World?

ATLANTA (CN) – A driver for a community center drove over a medical patient, “causing his head to explode,” then drove over him several more times, and then denied it, the man’s widow claims in court.
     Hasnijia Kovac sued the King David Community Center of Atlanta and Elman A. Ibragimov in Fulton County State Court, for the wrongful death of her husband, Suljo Kovac.
     In a second complaint filed this week, also in the Atlanta area, another patient claims a van driver for a different company held her hostage for an entire day after crashing into a second company van.
     In the first complaint, the Kovac family says they hired the King David center to drive Suljo to and from his medical appointments.
     The complaint continues: “After letting Mr. Kovac out of the KDCC van, Ibragimov drove away negligently and recklessly with the van door still wide open.
     “Defendant Ibragimov next negligently, recklessly and violently drove the KDCC van into a vacant, parked car … causing a collision that damaged both vehicles.
     “While attempting to back the van out of the collision, Ibragimov negligently and recklessly drove the KDCC van into Mr. Kovac, violently knocking him to the floor [sic] but not killing him.
     “Mr. Ibragimov next continued to back up the van in a negligent and reckless manner, until the van ran over Mr. Kovac’s head and neck, causing his head to explode and expel brain matter across the parking lot.
     “Mr. Ibragimov continued to drive over Mr. Kovac several times, causing additional physical injuries to Mr. Kovac.
     “Mr. Ibragimov’s negligence and recklessness in driving the KDCC van over Mr. Kovac’s head, neck and body directly caused the death of Mr. Kovac.
     “Mr. Ibragimov failed to call 911 or ask for help in saving Mr. Kovac’s life, instead denying to the police that he caused the fatal collision with Mr. Kovac. These actions further caused Mr. Kovac’s death, which may otherwise have been avoided.”
     After all this, the widow and her son claim, “The defendants have been stubbornly litigious”.
     They seek punitive damages and costs, for wrongful death.
     They are represented by David Baum, of Roswell.
     In the second complaint, Elizabeth Shelton sued Quality Trans in Cobb County State Court, Marietta.
     Shelton says Quality Trans was taking her to a post-operative doctor’s appointment one morning, and while it was stopped in front of a Marietta nursing home to pick up another patient, “a second van driven by another employee of defendant violently struck the first van.”
     The complaint continues: “As the driver of the second van was attempting to drive away from the scene of the accident, she struck the first van a second time.
     “The driver of the second vehicle hurriedly drove off without stopping to check if anyone was injured in this second crash.
     “After the second crash, the driver of the vehicle in which plaintiff was a passenger threateningly instructed the plaintiff to put her phone down and not to call anybody.”
     Both drivers broke the law by failing to report the crashes, Shelton says.
     Worse: “The driver of the vehicle in which plaintiff was a passenger did not take the plaintiff to her morning appointment and detained her in the van until 5:00 p.m.”
     Shelton says the crashes caused her “physical injuries, pain, weakness, lost sleep, and mental anguish, amounting to damages of an amount to be proved at trial.”
     She also seeks medical expenses, and punitive damages for negligence and false imprisonment.
     She is represented by Kenneth Crosson of Marietta.

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