The Worst Boss|in the World?

     ELIZABETH, N.J. (CN) – A man claims in court that his jealous boss “scared him into illegally installing spyware on the computer of [the boss’s] wife,” and when he refused and spilled the beans to her, the boss withheld his pay and fired him.
     Anton Grynkiv sued Harold Ross and his company, Ross Holdings LLC, of New Providence, N.J., in Union County Court.
     The 7-page lawsuit describes Ross as a tyrannical boss who violated New Jersey wiretapping laws, HIPAA, attorney-client privilege, and his wife’s privacy.
     The complaint states: “Ross has engaged in a pattern of ethnic/nation of origin and gender discrimination against plaintiff as an individual of Russian ethnicity and a male, which created a hostile work environment and culminated in plaintiff’s wrongful termination by Ross Holdings in October 2012, with such acts of ethnic and sexual harassment by Ross including, inter alia:
     “(a) asking whether plaintiff would ‘suck his dick if he put a gun to his head,’ which scared, intimidated, humiliated and embarrassed plaintiff;
     “(b) numerous derogatory and discriminatory ethnic slurs made by Ross to plaintiff, including, but not limited to, statements that plaintiff was a ‘stupid Russian,’ and wasn’t a ‘real American,’ which embarrassed, demeaned and humiliated plaintiff, who is an American citizen;
     “(c) threats of termination and intimidation by Ross against plaintiff to scare
     him into illegally installing spyware on the computer of Ross’ wife because of marital problems between Ross and his wife, so that Ross could illegally obtain access to his wife’s private, confidential and privileged communications, information and documentation …”
     The complaint adds: “In violation of, inter alia, New Jersey criminal (wiretapping and eavesdropping) and civil (e.g. HIPPA and the attorney-client privilege) law, and Mrs. Ross’ privacy rights, Ross demanded in and around August 2012 that plaintiff manually install ‘spy’ software on Mrs. Ross’ iPad, so that Ross could have access to his wife’s whereabouts, communications and other information without her knowledge, since Ross and his wife were having marital problems at the time.
     “Plaintiff refused to comply with Ross’ illegal demand and, instead, told Mrs. Ross about her husband’s demand that he install spyware on her computer, and apparent intent to spy on her.
     “After being confronted by his wife regarding his illegal conduct, Ross became enraged at plaintiff and repeatedly threatened plaintiff that ‘people get killed’ for doing what you did, which scared and intimidated plaintiff, and caused him anxiety and distress.
     “Following plaintiff’s reporting of Ross’ illegal demand on him, Ross and Ross Holdings repeatedly harassed plaintiff and created a hostile work environment, including reducing his working hours and failing to pay him.”
     Ross fired him in October 2012, Grynkiv says.
     He seeks punitive damages for discrimination, retaliation, breach of contract, “mental anguish, pain, humiliation and reputational damage, as well as lost wages and benefits.”
     He is represented by Matthew Peluso of Princeton, N.J.

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