That’s Not Funny, Woman Tells Time Warner

     RIVERSIDE, Calif. (CN) – Time Warner Cable sent a married mother of two monthly statements under the porn name “Big Boobs Chelsea,” she claims in court.
     Chelsea Mattox sued Time Warner Cable Enterprises on Monday in Superior Court. She seeks damages for negligent training and supervision, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy and sexual harassment.
     Mattox says she has never worked in the adult film or pornography industry, but she has discovered there is a pornographic “character” who goes by the name.
     She claims that since she began receiving the statements she fears a Time Warner representative may be stalking her.
     “Mattox is married and the mother of two young children, Mattox has never been in the public eye, has never been a public figure, and has never been known as, gone by or otherwise had an alias of ‘Chelsea Big Boobs’ or ‘Bigboobs Chelsea’ or otherwise participated in pornographic film either online or otherwise as the name ‘Big Boobs Chelsea,’ or ‘Chelsea Big Boobs’ or any other name for that matter,” the lawsuit states.
     Mattox says she finds the name “morally reprehensible, highly offensive, sexual, harassing, and hurtful.”
     Since Time Warner is the only cable service provider in her area, Mattox says she has been stuck with the company for 10 years.
     In March, she began to receive monthly statements to Big Boobs Chelsea.
     Mattox says Time Warner representatives came to her home in February or March this year to service a cable product. She says Time Warner refuses to give her the names of the representatives who came to her residence.
     “Mattox is informed and believes that while in the residence, defendants collected, made note-of, Mattox’s personal information and gathered private information including images of Mattox and her family,” the 9-page lawsuit states.
     She believes a Time Warner representative is trying to scare her, and took her personal information to joke and gossip about her in a “sexualized manner.”
     “Mattox fears that a mentally disturbed, and deranged, sexual predator working at Time Warner with complete and unfettered access to Mattox’s personal information will at anytime appear at her door,” the complaint states.
     It adds: “Mattox has fear when she sees a Time Warner vehicle in the vicinity of her home fearing that that a mentally disturbed, and deranged, sexual predator is in the vehicle, stalking her and camped, out in her neighborhood to get close to her without her consent.”
     She seeks general damages, an injunction and costs. She is represented by Nathan Perea, with Smith Law Offices, of Riverside.

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