That’s a Lot of Baseball Cards

     BROOKLYN (CN) – A man who bought a storage shed full of baseball cards sight-unseen for $400,000 on the promise that it contained $11 million in sports memorabilia was duped, he claims in court.
     Arye “Leo” Kohn claims in Kings County Court that Joseph Rej and Huge Deal Club LLC conned him into buying 2 million-plus “valuable sports collectibles and memorabilia” in December 2013 for $400,000. Kohn claims the defendants promised him that the memorabilia included one-of-a-kind baseball cards, signed photos and sports paraphernalia by famous athletes, and uniforms athletes wore during professional games, with an estimated value of over $11 million.
     Kohn says he made a $100,000 down payment, with a promise of monthly payments of $100,000 thereafter, and was given access to the storage unit where the items were held.
     “Upon examining the items plaintiff learned for the first time that 90 percent of the items were worthless, that there were less than a third of the 2 million items promised, that none of the items were collectibles, there was no clothing worn by athletes and that not one item examined had any worth as memorabilia,” Kohn says in the lawsuit.
     He wants of his $400,000 back, plus interest, legal fees and damages for defendant’s “intentional wrongful and fraudulent acts.”
     He is represented by Joshua Bronstein.

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