Textile Company Sued Over Mystery Waste

     CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CN) – The federal government wants a textile company to take responsibility for 300 containers of a mystery hazardous waste it allegedly left behind at a North Carolina mill. The United States says Meridian Industries abandoned 300 containers of unknown corrosive chemical waste — about 1,000 gallons — at a Belmont, N.C., textile mill in 2003.

     According to the lawsuit, the Environmental Protection Agency found the containers while inspecting the premises in 2007, after Meridian sold the facility the previous year.
     The government says Meridian violated federal and state law by failing to determine if the waste was hazardous, not marking the containers, failing to obtain permits for their storage, not complying with inspection rules, and failing to comply with preparedness or emergency procedures.
     This could lead to daily fines of $27,500 for the period from 1997 to 2004, and $32,500 per day thereafter until 2006, according to the complaint.
     Represented by U.S. attorneys, the government seeks penalties and costs.

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