Texans Want to Keep Parts of Dallas Dry

     DALLAS (CN) – Though voters overwhelmingly approved Dallas Proposition 1 on Election Day, legalizing sale of beer and wine sales for off-premises consumption, two voters have sued the city, demanding that the results be voided. They say Dallas improperly called the election for the city as a whole, without distinguishing historic districts such as the former towns of Oak Cliff, Preston Hollow, Kleberg and Justice Precinct 7, which previously elected dry status.

     The two plaintiffs claim this illegally skewed the vote. They say that voters within each historic voting unit should determine the outcome within that unit.
     The plaintiffs also claim the election was called with insufficient signatures on the petitions and that the city secretary failed to certify to the City Council the number of qualified voters signing the petition, as required by state election laws.
     The plaintiffs are represented in Dallas County Court by Leland De La Garza with Shackelford, Melton & McKinley.

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