Tennessee Titans Players Accused of Back-Alley Beatdown

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (CN) – A Nashville man claims in a federal lawsuit that two Tennessee Titans players brutally assaulted him in an alley behind a bar after he said a new draft pick could threaten one player’s job.

Dante Satterfield sued Titans players Tajae Sharpe and Sebastian Tretola in Nashville federal court on Wednesday, accusing them of assault, battery and infliction of emotional distress.

Satterfield says he was at the Tin Roof bar in downtown Nashville with Sharpe and Tretola on April 27, the first night of this year’s National Football League draft.

With the fifth pick overall, the Titans selected Corey Davis, a wide receiver from Western Michigan University.

Sharpe is also a receiver for the Titans, having been drafted the year before. In the 2016 season, the rookie caught 42 passes for 522 total yards and two touchdowns.

The performance disappointed Titans Head Coach Mike Mularkey, according to the complaint, who told the Tennessean in March that Sharpe would have to “prove himself all over again.”

Satterfield claims Sharpe was “very upset” about the Titans’ selection of Davis in the first round.

“Because the Titans drafted Mr. Davis with its first pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, defendant Sharpe is likely to receive less playing time in the 2017 NFL season and his job may be in jeopardy,” the complaint states.

Around 11:45 p.m. at the Tin Roof, a conversation between Satterfield, Sharpe and Tretola became heated, according to the lawsuit.

“At the air, plaintiff made remarks about the 2017 NFL Draft and the effect of the Titans’ selection of Mr. Davis would have on defendant Sharpe,” the complaint states. “Defendant Sharpe took exception to the comments made by plaintiff.”

Close to midnight, Sharpe and Tretola allegedly told Satterfield to follow them outside to an alley behind the Tin Roof, where they “brutally assaulted” him.

“Defendant Sharpe repeatedly hit Plaintiff in the face causing severe injuries,” the lawsuit states. “Defendant Tretola served as a lookout who provided protection to defendant Sharpe while defendant Sharpe beat plaintiff with his fists…defendants continued their assault even after plaintiff lay helpless on the ground, unconscious, striking and bruising his face.”

Satterfield says a bystander found him and called 911, and he was taken via ambulance to a local hospital.

“Plaintiff did not regain consciousness for more than twelve hours,” according to the complaint. “Plaintiff suffered a concussion, broken bones in the face, massive facial bruising, a perforated eardrum, among other injuries.”

In response to the lawsuit, Sharpe’s agent Blaine Roche told the Tennessean that Satterfield’s claims are “ridiculous.”

“Tajae unequivocally denies any and all involvement and he looks forward to vindicating his name, clearing his name of any and all wrongdoing here,” Roche told the Nashville-based newspaper.

A spokesperson for the Titans said the organization is aware of the lawsuit, but offered no further comment.

Satterfield seeks $500,000 including punitive damages, and is represented by J. Alex Little with Bone McAllester Norton in Nashville.

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