‘Team Building,’ Hey?

AUSTIN, Texas (CN) – Time Warner Cable humiliated a black supervisor by having white workers throw six pies in his face in a “team building game,” then fired him a week after he complained of it, the man claims in Travis County Court. Joe Meyer says he told his boss “that he didn’t think it was appropriate for white people to throw pies in the face of a black person, whatever the reason,” but submitted to it for fear of losing his job, and was fired anyway.

     Meyer says he “discussed with his supervisor his concerns about this ridiculous incident and his desire to file a discrimination complaint with human resources. His supervisor agreed that it should be done but warned him of the possible consequences,” according to the complaint.
     Meyer, an 8-year employee of Time Warner Cable, says that he filed the discrimination complaint, and that “two days later he was warned to watch out because management was out to get him for filing the complaint. Six days after that he was fired.
     He seeks punitive damages for discrimination and retaliation. He is represented by John Melton with Melton & Kumler.

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