Suzuki Scammed Them, 19 Customers Say

     KANSAS CITY, KAN. (CN) – A group of car buyers claim a Suzuki dealer offered them a new car for free if they drove a promo vehicle for $43 a month for a year, but then tricked them into signing purchase contracts for as much as $50,000.

     Chad Franklin Suzuki made other promises on which it failed to deliver, the plaintiffs claim in Wyandotte County Court. They claim the dealer said the promo was an effort to get more Suzukis on the road, and that after leasing the cars for $43 a month for 6 or 12 months, they could “return the car and obtain a new car at no cost.”
     It was a scam, the plaintiffs say. They claim that when they turned in the car for a new one, the defendants subtracted the depreciated value of the old car from the second vehicle, told them “they were no longer in the program,” and charged them $16,000 to $26,000 for the new cars, which, financed with “excessive costs,” sometimes left them owing more than $50,000.
     These defendants are accused of participating in the alleged scam: CFS Enterprise Inc. dba Chad Franklin Suzuki and/or Legends Suzuki, Wells Fargo Bank NA, Wells Fargo Auto Finance, Fifth Third Bank, Americredit Financial Services, and American Suzuki Motor Corp.
     Plaintiffs are represented by Charles Kugler of Kansas City, Kan.

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