Surveillance Camera Patent Fight at ITC

     (CN) – ObjectVideo, a Virginia-based software company, complained to the International Trade Commission that California-based Pelco imports security cameras and software that violate four patents on analyzing video images.
     In its complaint to the ITC, ObjectVideo says its patents cover methods for automatically detecting user-defined events or actions in surveillance camera videos. The also allows security systems to create automatic responses to the trigger incident.
     ObjectVideo filed a complaint with the ITC against Bosch and Samsung in April 2006, alleging violation of the same patents. The evidence hearing in that case is scheduled to begin in July.
     In its new complaint, ObjectVideo asks for a ban on importation of Pelco’s Sarix cameras and its Video Analytics software, and a cease-and-desist order on sales of its inventory of the products.
     ObjectVideo says consumers will not be hurt by this because it has licensing agreements with other manufacturers, including a portfolio-wide global patent licensing agreement with Tyco Security Products’ American Dynamics business unit, Sony Corporation and Vivotek.
     Reston, Va.-based ObjectVideo is represented before the ITC by Charles Hunnicutt, with Thompson Hine, of Washington D.C.
     Pelco is based in Clovis, Calif.

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