Supreme Court to Review|Minors’ Miranda Rights

     (CN) – The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to decide whether minors are entitled to Miranda protections when they’re questioned by police at school.

     The underlying case, J.D.B. v. North Carolina, involves a 13-year-old special education student, J.D.B., who was pulled out of his middle-school classroom by a police officer and escorted to a school conference room, where he was questioned by an officer and school officials about a series of neighborhood break-ins.
     J.D.B. confessed to the crimes, but later sought to have his confession suppressed on the basis that he was never read his Miranda rights.
     He argued that because he was effectively in police custody when he incriminated himself, he was entitled to Miranda protections.
     Over a three-justice dissent, the North Carolina Supreme Court rejected J.D.B.’s arguments and upheld the denial of his motion to suppress.
     The high court on Monday agreed to review that ruling in its 2010 term, docket number 09-11121.

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