Sunmart Short-Changes Drivers, Class Claims

     HOUSTON (CN) – The owners of Sunmart gas stations short-changed customers by as much as 40 cents for every gallon of gasoline bought at nearly 1,000 pumps in Texas, a class action claims in Harris County Court.

     Drivers say consumer complaints about Sunmart pumps were so frequent that the Texas Department of Agriculture decided to investigate. State investigators allegedly reported that more than 60 percent of the pumps at 47 Sunmart stations cheated customers by delivering less gas than customers paid for and state standards required.
     Plaintiffs claim the evidence points to an orchestrated plan to rip off drivers, as inspections revealed that Sunmart pumps yielded a 34 percent noncompliance rate with state standards, compared to the standard rate of 4 percent to 6 percent.
     The problem pumps had to be shut down and recalibrated.
     The plaintiffs are represented by Reich & Binstock.

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