Stripper Claims Shrink Sexually Assaulted Her

     SAVANNAH, Ga. (CN) – An exotic dancer claims in court that a psychiatrist who trolls night clubs for emotionally vulnerable women overprescribed her with Xanax and narcotics and sexually assaulted her.
     Jane Doe sued Memorial Health University Medical Center and Memorial Health in Chatham County State Court.
     She did not sue the doctor, William Ellien, whom she describes as “a licensed psychiatrist (and) the medical director of the Clark Center.”
     The Clark Center is another name for the defendant’s Center for Behavioral Medicine.
     Doe claims that Ellien “frequented gentlemen’s clubs in and around the Savannah area for the purpose of trolling for emotionally vulnerable women.”
     She says she met Ellien at a strip club where she worked as a dancer.
     “Dr. Ellien often entered into relationships with dancers at these establishments, which included Dr. Ellien providing dancers with prescriptions for psychotropic drugs and/or narcotics without medical or therapeutic justification,” the complaint says.
     Doe says that Ellien offered to treat her for anxiety and other emotional issues.
     “Almost immediately after seeing plaintiff as a patient, Dr. Ellien began over-prescribing anti-anxiety medications, such as Xanax, and narcotics, which subsequently prompted an investigation by local narcotic authorities,” the complaint states.
     Doe claims Ellien wrote work excuses and prescriptions for her on Memorial’s prescription pads.
     She claims that while treating her, “Dr. Ellien also began an improper and illegal sexual relationship with plaintiff, which constituted sexual assault as defined by O.C.G.A. § 16-6-5.1(c).
     “As a result of Dr. Ellien’s conduct, of which Memorial was actually or constructively aware, plaintiff has become addicted to Xanax and/or narcotics and has suffered increased emotional and psychological issues and physical harm.”
     Doe claims Memorial failed to supervise Ellien’s treatment of her or investigate his actions that triggered the narcotics investigation.
     She says the hospital failed to check Ellien’s background, which “would have uncovered similar incidents arising out of his prior employment in Tupelo, Miss. regarding over-prescription of controlled medications.”
     And she claims the hospital routinely covers up improper physician conduct, including reports of sexual abuse and harassment.
     Doe seeks damages for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, vicarious liability and conspiracy.
     She is represented by Mark Tate.

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