State Says Lawyer Abused Elderly Clients

     SACRAMENTO (CN) – Attorney James A. Walker bilked elderly clients by persuading them to give away their homes, purportedly to qualify for Medi-Cal benefits, and by warning them “that their homes are not registered for the ‘State of California certified protection,'” though there is no such protection, the State of California claims in Superior Court.

     The state sued Walker, of Placer County, and his businesses: James Walker Elder Law Office, of Placer County; and Senior Care Advocates of Nevada, which Walker founded and runs.
     It claims Walker targeted senior citizens by claiming he could “protect their homes from government claims in the event of long term illness.”
     It also claims Walker applied for benefits to which his clients were not entitled, and that he has done this for more than seven years, “in a deliberate pattern and practice of financial abuse of the Medi-Cal Program”.
     The state demands an injunction and fines.

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