State Says City PD Is Biased Against Women

     PHOENIX (CN) – An Arizona police department uses a physical fitness test to discriminate against women, Arizona’s Civil Rights Division claims in Maricopa County Court. The state claims that though Monica Kuhlt was not required to pass the test until 2010, the Cottonwood Police Department used her “inability to pass the test as pretext to deny her promotion to sergeant twice in 2007 and twice in 2008, and to promote four less-qualified men in her stead.”

     And, Attorney General Terry Goddard claims, the police department relaxed testing standards for a man who applied to the police training academy, while holding Kuhlt “to more rigorous standards” to prevent her from being promoted.
     Kuhlt took written and oral exams as part of the promotion application process and her scores were the highest of all the officers who applied for sergeant at that time, Goddard says. He wants the Cottonwood Police Department stopped from using its new physical fitness test in its hiring process, and ordered to pay Kuhlt back wages as if she had been promoted to sergeant.

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