Stash Cans Aren’t Funny – Or Legal,|Pepsico Tells Online Head Shop

     LOS ANGELES – Pepsico wants online head shop Irie Motivations to stop selling imitation Pepsi cans as stash safes to hide drugs. Pepsi drinkers may “be upset” with Pepsico, believing it has authorized its products for illicit purpose, Pepsi claims in Federal Court.

     The items at issue have hidden compartments inside. Pepsi also says the sharp edges inside the compartments could cut consumers.
     Defendants also are accused of violating trademarks by making “diversionary concealment devices” out of bottles and cans that look like Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Mug Root Beer, Manzanita Sol, and Aquafina beverages.
     Pepsico demands an injunction, destruction of the offending items, and treble damages.

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