Start-Up Accused of Copying Press Releases

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Business Wire claims start-up competitor eMediaWorld blatantly copies thousands of Business Wire’s press releases verbatim, slaps its own name and logo on them, and posts them on its Web site and attempts to pass them off as its own, a copyright infringement lawsuit claims in Federal Court.

     Business Wire says eMediaWorld uses the illegally copied and misbranded releases to falsely advertise and sell press-release distribution services that directly compete with Business Wire’s services. eMediaWorld “is apparently attempting to gain traction in the market by engaging in blatant wholesale copying of Business Wire’s press releases and rebranding of those releases … in order to create the false impression that Business Wire’s clients are actually eMediaWorld’s clients,” the lawsuit states.
     Business Wire alleges copyright infringement, false advertising, unfair competition and misappropriation.
     The plaintiff demands an injunction preventing the defendant from copying its work, an order requiring it to remove all infringing material, and treble damages. The filing firm is Holme Roberts & Owen LLP.

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