Sports Betting Pro Sues a Dozen

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – Sports betting legend William Walters claims in court that he received death threats from bettors who lost tens of thousands of dollars taking tips from men who falsely claimed affiliation with him.
     Walters sued Coopers Picks, a Florida LLC; JM Picks, and D I Global Marketing, both of New York; and 11 men, in Federal Court.
     Walters describes himself in his complaint as a “world-renowned, and perhaps the most well-known sports bettor and gambler in the world.” He says he has been described as “the planet’s most revered gambler,” and “the greatest, most frightening, most connected, most respected sports better of all time.”
     Walters claims he’s “earned hundreds of millions of dollars from his gaming investments,” including “$400,000 on one hole of golf.”
     Walters claims the defendant companies falsely claim on websites that they offer sports picks or “winning plays” from him to the betting public.
     One website shows an image of a pager with what is purported to be a message from his company, Walters Golf, Walters says in the complaint.
     “Defendants infer and misrepresent that they have an affiliation with plaintiff that they are privy to his trade secret sports betting information and picks, and that for a fee the public will be sent sports picks and ‘winning plays’ directly from plaintiff,” the complaint states.
     “The public are also ‘guaranteed a profit,’ from these plays.”
     But Walters says he has no affiliation with defendants.
     “Plaintiff does not give sport betting advice, picks, winning plays or any information or services whatsoever to the defendants,” the complaint states.
     “The ‘Billy Walters Sports Picks’ purchased by the sports betting public do not come from, nor are they generated by, the plaintiff.”
     Walters adds: “Defendants are making a considerable amount of money from the wrongful use of plaintiff’s name and world-renowned reputation.”
     He claims that people who laid out money thinking they were buying his services “did not have the success they anticipated, nor did they make the money they were led to believe they would make through the sports betting services offered by defendants and others.”
     In fact, he says, “members of the public have lost considerable sums of money through using defendants’ services claiming affiliation with plaintiff, and the public are blaming Mr. Walters for their losses.”
     Walters says he has received threatening phone calls from unsuccessful bettors, including death threats.
     Named as individual defendants are Michael Cooper, Richart Ruddie, Ryan Holzman, Brad Greenberg, John Mack, Rich Garafola, Glen Petrelli, Sal DeCarlo, William “Bill” Conti, Danial Itahov, and Chris Hatton.
     Walters seeks damages for false designation of origin, violations of publicity rights, deceptive trade, civil conspiracy, unjust enrichment and conversion.
     He is represented by Mark Tratos with Greenberg Traurig.

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