Spanish Leader Sánchez Visits Barcelona as Elections Near

People hold up their phones with the torches switched on during a Catalan pro-independence protest in Barcelona, Spain, on Sunday. (AP photo/Ben Curtis)

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Spanish leader Pedro Sánchez is traveling to Barcelona, the protest-struck capital of the northeastern Catalonia region, to visit with injured police officers and talks with officials in charge of security.

Clashes between separatists and police waned over the weekend after five successive nights of riots in Barcelona and other Catalan cities. They followed huge peaceful protests by people in Catalonia who were angered by a Supreme Court ruling that sentenced nine separatist leaders to prison for the region’s failed 2017 secession attempt.

Regional health authorities say 593 have been injured in the protests, nearly half of them police, and 14 remain hospitalized. In all, 194 people were arrested.

Sánchez is trying to stay in power as Spain holds a national election on Nov. 10.

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