Sony Pictures Cuts a Deal|With Hacked Employees

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Sony Pictures will pay at least $5.5 million to settle a class action from employees whose personal information was hacked in an attack the United States blamed on North Korea, which was furious about a movie satirizing its fearless leader Kim Jong Un.
     The settlement agreement was filed Monday night in Superior Court in the seven cases consolidated under the name of the first filer, Michael Corona v Sony Pictures Entertainment. The Hollywood Reporter reported the settlement Tuesday morning.
     It would provide $2 million to pay each class member up to $1,000 to protect them from identity theft. The class counsel would get about $3.5 million.
     Sony also must provide ID theft monitoring and insurance for workers who were hacked, and another $2.5 million to pay each class member up to $10,000 for ID thefts traced to the Sony hack.
     Potential class members can opt out of the agreement, which needs court approval.

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