Some Nerve, Class Tells Aspire Visa

     OMAHA (CN) – A federal class action accuses CompuCredit Corp. dba Aspire Visa of credit violations and deceptive trade: demanding $3,502 from a woman who charged $179 to her credit card. The named plaintiff says Aspire immediately charges new customers $185.50, but does not disclose it; she says she paid Aspire $1,051 after charging only $179, but it demands another $2,000.

     Roberta Roth also sued Columbus Bank & Trust on behalf of the class. She claims the defendants push their credit cards to consumer with poor credit scores. She claims their standard practice is to charge new customer $29 for an “account opening fee finance charge,” $150 for an “annual fee,” and $6.50 for an “account maintenance fee,” and that “all of these fees are immediately held against the $300 limit.”
     She adds that the “defendants did not disclose these fees, and the plaintiff was unaware of these charges until receiving her first monthly statement”.
     She says she charged $178.67; the defendants collected $1,050.82, and tried to collect another $2,452.79 – all for the $178.67.
     Enough’s enough, she says. Represented by Car & Reinbrecht, she seeks disgorgement, damages, and statutory damages of $1,000 per class member.

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