SoCal Surrogacy Clinic|Accused of Scam

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Infertile and childless couples from Spain say they gave their hopes for a family – and more than $500,000 – to a Beverly Hills surrogacy and egg donation agency that turn out to be a scam. Seven couples say they paid a total of $537,000 to Rosa Balcazar aka Rosa de la Huerta, owner of B-Coming Surrogacy Agency.

     The couples say Balcazar offered to coordinate surrogates or egg donation for them, but never intended to provide those services. Balcazar even provided pictures of “available” surrogates and egg donors to her clients, though the people had been deemed unsuitable by physicians, according to the Superior Court complaint.
     The plaintiffs say Balcazar maintained the Web site and regularly traveled to Spain to meet clients, who in turn traveled to United States, believing that they were on the road to having a family.
     “After suffering years of infertility problems, the promise of being able to start a family was of utmost importance to them,” the lawsuit states.
     Balcazar’s Web site was still active this morning.
     “At B-Coming, we feel that egg donation and surrogacy is a strong foundation in building families. Our dedicated and experienced staff allows us to provide you with more options and more hope than ever before,” the site’s front page states.
     Surrogacy is illegal in Spain, and Spanish couples who engage in it often face “public scorn, ridicule and condemnation,” according to the complaint.
     Because of this, none of the six Spanish couples is named in the complaint. One American couple, South Carolina residents Jeffery Kuk and Jessica Capps, also are suing Balcazar.
     The couples say that when they determined that they had been scammed, Balcazar not only refused to refund their money, but threatened to expose them to their government and to sue them, the complaint states.
     The couples wanted a child “so much … that they were willing to risk condemnation in their home country where surrogacy is illegal,” the complaint states, adding that the couples were all “emotionally fragile” and have suffered numerous psychological and health problems, including depression, anxiety and sleeplessness.
     The couples demand damages for fraud, conversion, negligence, breach of contract, and other charges.
     They are represented by Dean Masserman with Vorzimer Masserman of Woodland Hills.

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